Saturday, 22 March 2014

Eggs In A basket

Eggs in a Basket

Simple, delicious and a great way to surprise a fellow egg/bread lover =P

What you'll need:
-Sliced Bread
-Salt & Pepper (optional but suggested)

So the first thing we'll do is cut a circle shape into the bread of your choosing

Try not to get it too close to the edges cuz it might break while cooking

 Melt some butter in a pan large enough to hold the bread (I do 2 at a time usually). Spread the butter around and coat both sides of the bread as evenly as you can with it.

Once both sides are browned put a little bit of butter in the holes so the eggs don't stick and simply crack an egg right into the hole!

Once the egg is in all you have to do is wait. Once you see the egg white cook about half way through the toast it's usually ready to flip. Of course this also depends on wether you like runny yolk or not.

Once you flip 'em they should look more or less like this. Somehow the yolk broke on the right one but oh well . (notice the pinchy pie in the background lol) Cook another minute or so. This is where you can poke the middle where the yolk is to determine when it's right for you. Very easy to tell when it's more cooked(firm) or still loose.

All done to perfection! My wife doesn't like runny yolk so they're extra cooked =P
Hope you liked the recipe!
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