Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Make The Lame Look Great!

A Short Piece About Presentation

Even the most "meh" meals can look nice ;)

Gonna keep this relatively short as tonight I have lots to do, so here we go. I will be focusing on breakfasts in this piece. 

Color = Love 

Often breakfast foods are on the bland side of things when it comes to color. I'm mostly thinking:Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns, most cereals, crepes, french toast, etc. They are almost always brown and yellowish, while always delicious doesn't look the best when trying to impress guests or a loved one.
Bottom line is: Get Some Fruit! I've gotten so many compliments on simple little arrangments for how bright they are. Bright fruit are amazing when it comes to brightening up a plate. Strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, apples, etc. Many of these go very well with most breakfast foods, are loaded with vitamins for the day and is sure to make whoever is enjoying it smile!

 Balance is Key

Very simple thing to remember. Try to keep everything balanced as though in a painting. Dividing the foods usually looks great and keeps it clean. Don't just throw everything on the plate wherever it decides to land. Take some care in plating. and don't be afraid to experiment (Added chocolate sauce on the fruit, was good at the end but might make the rest taste odd if you ate it first)

 Stay Creative!

This can sometimes be hard, especially if you're not the creative type (such as myself). But every little thing helps. Wether you added a smiley face, pokemon, building or whatever, it always shows you care about both the food and the people who are eating it. As shown below all I did in this case was make little stars by cutting an apple horizontally and then trimming the middle creating a star shape. It's not great obviously (like I said, slightly creatively lacking) but even with this simple accent, my wife, father in-law and brother in-law were all amazed (somehow lol)

 Most important of all...


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